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Electro-Magnetic Destiny

I have been studying the theory of Electro-Magnetic Destiny for over 20 years. I coined this term back in 1992 while I was doing a lot of road running and training for the marathon. I recently googled Electro-Magnetic Destiny with and without the dash and nothing came up so I am confident that I own the term. I am advertising this because I can’t patent it so if any of you ever hear someone talk about it then you know that I have already invented the theory.

     I was running along the boardwalk in Long Beach, California one morning and noticed Electro-Magnetic Destiny (EMD) was happening everywhere. After thinking about it for a couple of miles it made sense that it would be prevalent in highly populated areas. Over the years I applied the theory to back roads and two lane highways and narrow side streets. Now, after many years of sampling and observation I feel confident that I can put this theory into a thesis and then maybe develop it into something officially recognized.

     On the one extreme you have a situation like southern California, the East Coast or anywhere in the world that people are bunched into urban areas. On the other end of the spectrum, you have an environment like a single track trail in the Rincon Mountains on the eastside of Tucson, Arizona where there might not be a human sighting for a week. Imagine a trail in any of the mountain ranges in the Western United States. I was running on the sidewalk of a four lane canal bridge in the Naples District in South Long Beach on a Sunday morning. Traffic is fairly light. As I crest the bridge I approach a cyclist heading in the same direction walking his bike. Coming towards me is a man walking his large dog. Behind him is a slower runner also moving toward me.  A few cars are released from the stoplight as it turns from red to green at both ends of the bridge. All the elements I just described came together at exactly the same time causing me to step off the sidewalk into traffic in order to get around the other people. How did this happen? Probably just coincidence, right? I beg to differ. Based on uncalibrated observations I propose that the meeting of multiple entities at a common time within proximate distance occurs at a percentage high enough to rule out mere coincidence.

     A similar situation might take place on the Cowhead Saddle trail of the Rincon Mountains and it does, but very infrequently. I have witnessed it more on Bear Canyon trail in the front range of the Santa Catalinas because it is a more popular trail but either way it never leads to a dangerous situation. The reason I developed the EMD theory initially was due to road running in rural areas of the Minnesota countryside. There are a lot of backroads in that part of the country because of the many farming communities that still exist. On a long run on Sunday morning you would expect very little if any traffic at all. An occasional pick-up truck would drive by from either direction and dust you out. But the main point I am trying to develop is that if two vehicles happen to come on the scene at the same time what typically eventuates is the meeting of the three entities on the road within plus or minus 100 feet of each other. 100 feet is not very far when a car is traveling at 50 plus miles per hour. These occurrences most likely take place when there is no shoulder or pull-out for refuge. The basic problem that evolves due to the destined meeting is that neither vehicle can move over even slightly while the pedestrian has nowhere to go either. Just to clarify, we all see cars on the roads when we run. They constantly come from both directions. If there are multiple cars and the chance exists that they can cross paths in your vicinity where you have little or no maneuverability then they will; the reason: EMD.

     Let me elaborate on the EMD theory rather than just give examples. My wife has mentioned several times that I’m nuts and all of this is just pure chance. Over the years she has begun to sign on with EMD due to some of here own experiences. I am not suggesting that there is Malicious Animal Magnetism (MAM) involved. I truly don’t think evil forces are at play here. I do believe that humans and animals have sub and unconscious dealings with each other on an electromagnetic level especially when they are in close proximity to each other. Much of this is a visual cortex related function that causes instinctive reactions like the slowing down or increasing the pace of your movements to try and avoid encounters with others. I know this avoidance takes place because when two people meet on the street in normal circumstances many times they won’t acknowledge each other. When three or more entities are involved there is an offset that occurs which causes the dynamic of the situation to gel. Nobody consciously decides that they will speed up their pace in order to come abreast of two passing cars and a cyclist at the same time. If anything, they will speed up their pace to get past them before the vehicles meet but the cyclist or runner coming from the other direction makes their adjustment while the drivers are also making their adjustments and it all ends up where it would have to begin with; the electro-magnetic attraction of warm blooded bodies out in the open.

     I know many of you that read this are either now justified in your belief that I am mad or will pay closer attention to your surroundings and the events that take place during your daily lives and running adventures and come to agree. Just look at how long it took for people to believe in plate tectonics. I am not concerned with convincing the populous at large about EMD. I am not a scientist and don’t have the time or means to conduct official surveys with quantitative statistics right now. If you have anything to add or confute feel free to do so. I won’t steal anybody’s original ideas. I will compile evidence as I see fit. 

Chase Duarte
Copyright 2012